Leica M9 Review

I recently bought an Leica M9.  Excitedly, I told my uncle..”Hey I bought an M9″  His reply… “You’re an idiot”.

Why the short reply?  Well I find that Leicas do that to camera enthusiasts.  ‘Its overpriced”, “Its slow”, “It has no Autofocus”, etc…

Is a Leica M9 better then most Canons or Nikons?  Probably not. Its not very good at taking pictures of a subject that moves fast… its not great if your subject is too far away.  But if your subject is relatively close.. there is a magic that cannot be quantified in images created by a Leica.

Some people say that Leicas make you a better photographer.. I’m not so sure.  I do find that because I need to take my time focusing, it also makes me take my time composing the picture.  This results in a more measured thought out image.

Being so stripped in its functions, the Leica has made me have to think more when taking a photo.. Maybe because of that it makes me a better photographer.  Time will tell I guess!

Leica M9’s are available in limited supply from Leica stockists as well Camera Lane in Melbourne.


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