Chelsea + Nathan (Elmswood Estate, Yarra Valley, Victoria Australia) – Something New, Something Blue, Something that goes Woof?!?

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Chelsea + Nathan Wedding

From the moment I met Nathan and Chelsea, I thought that shooting their wedding was going to be a whole lot of fun.  Both were very easy going, how could this not be a great wedding?  I was not wrong!  Early morning, Jason, Tyler and I made our way to the bride’s house where Chelsea, Brooke, Annika and Laura were well on their way to looking fabulous.  Their house was adorned with many photos and memories as well as tennis rackets.  (Important if you knew how this couple met!)  We took photos of the girls before making our way to the Grooms house.  But not before Chelsea wrote a little note for Nathan and sent it via four legged express!

We got to the grooms house at lunch and were offered a wide variety of pizzas.  (I told you they were easy going)  Then Nathan received his note from his furry messenger Woody, whom in return got carrots (he loves them) and we started our photos of the groom!  On a romantic side note.  Nathan had also fashioned a box which would lock their commitment rings and letters so they could open and read them in the future.  (Did I also mention that he was also romantic?)

The reception itself was held at Elmswood Estate where we were greeted by the blazing midday sun!  Lucky for us, the couple got married in the shade of an outdoor verandah before making their way indoors for food and speeches.  Then as the sun set.. the newlyweds and their guests ate and danced the night away.

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Supporting Cast:

Reception:  Elmswood Estate

Make Up:  Amy D

Catering:  Yarra Valley Catering

Cake:  Cakes by Kelly

I would like to thank Chelsea and Nathan for letting us capture their special day.  It was fun and great to see that you both are surrounded by special people who care and love you both.  Your happiness was infectious and I hope that you stay that way forever.


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